Zero Carbon Vision began as a birthday wish as I turned 64 in January 2020. I made a bold (and cheeky) request to 100 family, friends and colleagues, asking them to give me the gift of making a zero carbon promise for the 2020’s.

I was very happy to receive around 50 promises and other messages of support and they are still coming in. Some even asked a few of their own friends to join in too. Everyone had questions about how to go about it?

This website is intended as one “answer” to the questions. Although I’m no expert, over the last two decades I have educated myself about this very complex subject and my partner (Lena) and I have gradually reduced our carbon footprint, although we can’t profess to zero yet. We’re working on it.

During the last few months I participated in two events which provided me with a lot of inspiration and robust source material. The Climate Action Lab organised by Hawkwood College where I received some valuable advice and encouragement from Mike Berners-Lee. Then in April an online version of the Zero Carbon Britain short course offered by the Centre for Alternative Technology.

The web site design is being developed in their spare time by zero carbon enthusiasts and friends Susanne and Pontus Kindblad from Stockholm. Many thanks.