Calculate your carbon footprint

If you are considering the Zero Carbon Promise (or have already made it) it is a logical step to figure out where you stand today. This can help you understand a lot about the carbon impact of your current way of living life.

Carbon footprint is a measure of the weight of greenhouse gases your actions and choices are responsible for. Usually it is summed up as an annual total. Broadly speaking the majority of the things we do in today’s world involve the burning or processing of fossil fuels and thus the release of CO2 and other warming gases.

For example when you drive a fossil fuel car, each liter of fuel you burn releases around 3.15kg of CO2 into the atmosphere (including the 0.5kg of CO2 that is released to produce and transport the fuel to you).

Reproduced with kind permission of Mike Berners-Lee. Many Thanks !

Four key elements: Food, Home/Accommodation, Travel, Everything Else, each typically account for a quarter of your carbon footprint. If you live in a developed economy or are a higher spender in a less developed economy your carbon footprint will have similar components although yours will be specific to the lifestyle choices you make.

There are many carbon footprint calculators available if you search the web. Try out a few of them to see what you discover for your particular lifestyle by looking from different angles. Here are some examples: