Invite others to join the zero carbon game

Recent events have taught us all about exponential growth. We’ve learnt about reproduction rates, incubation periods and so on. The Zero Carbon Promise could also grow exponentially.

For instance if you successfully encouraged five other people to make the promise within the next three months, and then they did the same and so on — in two years time the wave you started could reach 400,000 people. Sounds like a lot but it’s just how exponential growth works.

It is also well known that when you ask others to join in with an inspiring project that you are involved in, you learn more and more about how to achieve it’s aims and get more inspired in it yourself.

Of course not everyone will want to make the Zero Carbon Promise, but by asking them you give them a chance to look at it seriously, maybe for the first time.

Why not have a go. One by one.

You could also gather a group to look at the promise seriously

Arrange a Zero Carbon Vision event.

Please get in touch if you want someone to facilitate it.