Inspiration from zero carbon heroes

Who’s playing the Zero Carbon Game? With the “Paris Agreement” in 2015, the majority of Governments pledged to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, in order to limit average warming to under one and half degrees centigrade. Thirty years to go. Think back to 1990 for perspective if you are old enough for that 🙂

Progress is being made, however since the first big meet up in 1990, during 30 years of international engagement and an awful lot of umming and ahhing the actual level of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased at a steady rate. Now at 415 ppm, it is 65ppm above the level in 1990 (350ppm). The average temperature has risen by one degree and the climate is changing for real now, not later!

You have probably witnessed the recent, rapidly growing realisation, that the decade of the 2020’s must be the turning point. We must reduce the level of global emissions by half during this decade. NO ifs, NO buts. It requires many radical shifts in direction and habits by all of us who have a high carbon footprint. It is possible and there are people enabling the change all over the world.

These are links to organisations and initiatives that we have found inspiring and useful in our exploration and activity to practically reduce our carbon footprint. This is not an exhaustive list and does not try to be. These and your own search can lead you to many other resources as you map out your zero carbon journey. Your suggestions for additions to this list would be welcomed, particularly in other languages.